Sunday, June 2, 2013

Memorial Day- Lake Fort Smith

We started our Memorial day eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel. MMM!!!
We have tried to find Lake Fort Smith before & we got lost & went somewhere else. We were determined this day! We found it & we REALLY love it!!!!
Piper checking out the turtles.
 Paxton was just taking it all in. He just looked around. Checking out the fish.
 Piper & I thought this needed to say "Boomer Sooners" on it :)

 My little pioneers!
It was just BEAUTIFUL there!

 After we got done hiking we had a picnic then Piper played on the playground for a little bit. Beau & I played some frisbee.
 Then we found a place to put our feet in the water which led to Piper playing in the water & getting all wet. She asked us if she could. We said "why not." Let's just enjoy it!!
Paxton kind of tightened up a little because the water was COLD. Then he just kind of soaked it all in. He liked it & was excited!

 This was seriously one of the best days! We just enjoyed the beautiful day & just enjoyed each other's company. So thankful & so blessed!

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