Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back to Antlers!

Me & the kids headed to Antlers last Wednesday to spend some time with the family. Beau came up Friday after work. We have not been to Antlers all year & we had so much fun. I love my family so much & it was so good getting to visit.
My mom is working summer school so me, Michael, Hank, Piper, & Paxton went & ate lunch with her. Piper was so excited getting her lunch tray. She said it was practice for when she started kindergarten.
 Me & Brenda....
 Uncle Beau & Landon playing football.
 We had several game nights. This was so fun. We had a lot of laughs. 
 Paxton getting aunt Liz. He went on his first sleepover. He stayed with aunt Liz & uncle Bob. He only went there long enough to sleep but I really missed him!

The kids love riding with aunt Bonnie on the ranger although she gets a little crazy at times. :)
 The big cousins together!
 Kamyn & Piper doing a little wrestling.
 Paxton getting uncle Hank!
It was a busy weekend, we also had my cousins wedding, my sister's baby shower, & a day with the family. 


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