Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Antlers Homecoming

Another great weekend with family. We went in for homecoming. We went to the turtle races, the parade & afterward when went to Thomas & Glenda's to play volleyball. The kids played on the big water slide & went swimming. It was a lot of fun!!

 They set the turtles in the center & the first one to the line gets 1st place. They had about six different groups. Gavin got 4th place in his group & Kaylee got 1st place in her group. Gavin got a gift certificate to simple simon's & a gift certificate to The Burger Barn. Kaylee got $200.!!!!

Kamyn had a photoshoot with my camera. HA!
 Paxton & his cousin Landon.
 Paxton trying to stand up.
 Piper got bit by 2 fire ants. She is allergic & really swells up. She was taking a nap & had this rag on her hand. My poor girl. :(
 Piper & Landon made this fire. They said they were camping & the rain blew out the fire. Piper got them some grapes to eat. They are so cute!

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