Monday, June 24, 2013

9 months old

Yep, this big boy is already 9 months old! 
He doesn't pull up yet but he LOVES to stand! Has pulled up once though.
He wants to be on the ground going... All the time!! He is into everything, puts everything in his mouth & if he is going somewhere he is not suppose to be going, you say his name & act like you are going after him he laughs & goes faster. Stinker!
Sleeps from 8-between 7 & 8.
Has been fake coughing & laughing. So stinkin cute.
He has been kicking his feet & throwing a fit some. He will just slam his face on the ground if he is mad while on his belly. 
Has 2 teeth! YAY! They came in two days apart.
Saying "mama" now! WOO HOO!
He still army crawls but he is good at going from his bottom to crawling & from crawling back to his bottom. He has regular crawled a few times. 
Can wave hi & bye. Says hi. 
If you take something away from him (something he shouldn't have) it makes him SO mad!! 
If you put him in front of the mirror he will wave hi & when you get him up in the mornings he waves hi to you. 

This boy is 18 lbs 12 oz (25%), & 30 1/2 in (off the chart). Tall & skinny & Dr. Whitaker said his head was up there too. HA! I figured! I have big headed kids.
(Piper was 22 lbs ll oz & 30 in.)
I love seeing the differences in my kids. So precious!!


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