Saturday, June 1, 2013

5 year reunion/going away party for Glen & Barb

In April we have had our lifegroup for 5 years. What a blessing this class is to us. We celebrated with a fiesta & also had a surprise going away party for Barb & Glen. It was such a great night!

 After we ate we had some awards to give out....
Jade got "biggest sports finatic." This was close between him & Beau. HA!
 Cully has been to class more than anyone. 
 Lawson & Shannon have been to class less than anyone. Their percentage was right at about 50%. lol!
 Aaron got the award for taking Glen's lesson on finance to the extreme. If you know Aaron, you know how true this is! 
 Barry & Audrey are always the latest to class!
 It being Memorial Day weekend we had a few guys who have served in the military. Matt got an award for serving 2 tours in Iraq & still making it to class more than Lawson & Shannon. lol!
 Beau got "record for the longest closing prayer." So true!
 The next ones are original members who are still members.
Matt & Erin, Lawson & Shannon, Beau & Becky, Cully & Amanda, & Barb & Glen.
Which led to us being the contestants of the Newlywed game. I never want to play that stinkin game!

Cully & Amanda were the winners!
Barb & Glen got last place which we rewarded them with videos from the class. They were surprised. There was lots of laughters & tears. 
What a great night!!!

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