Friday, May 24, 2013

Preschool graduation

We have had the best year with Mrs. Baker. We are so glad we put Piper in preschool with her. She went Tues & Thurs from 12:30-3. Piper LOVED going. Mrs. Baker talked about how sweet of a girl Piper is, how she plays well with others, & follows directions great. She also said Piper has neat handwriting & she loved the detail Piper would put in her coloring. 
Piper graduated from preschool this week. I was so proud of myself. The tears came but I fought them back.  First they received their books they worked on all year. I was impressed. 
 Then they got their certificates. 

Carson Jones, Luke McDonald, Issac Trice, Xander Esserman, Daisy Farris.
Molly Lunney, Lula Berryman, Piper Ames, Michaelyn Freeman.
 Look at these cool kids ready for summer!!

 We got home & did a little something for Piper. Got her some cupcakes & a summer project. Of course she wanted to start on it right away. We also prayed for our sweet girl as she continues on in her journey the Lord has planned for her.

Thank you Lord for this smart, beautiful, sweet little girl! I just wish she wouldn't grow so fast :(

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