Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MOPS wrap-up

We have been going to MOPS this year & really enjoy it. 
Piper has so much fun. She really loves dressing up!
 After I had Paxton I missed so my friend Ashley made this pumpkin for me. LOVE IT!
 We got to make cup cakes one day. Here are mine. This was lots of fun!
Walked in one day & the kids were under the table singing "jingle bells."
We made these ornaments & I went home & put the kids names on them. I love them!
When Michelle Duggar came I won this book! And it's signed!
 We had some older married couples answer some marriage questions. This was so good for me. Most of the things I had heard before but it was a great refresher.
Mrs. Devin sent me this cute picture.
The girls loved dressing up mrs. Natasha & Mr. Travis!

The last day we did a scavenger hunt. That was LOTS of fun! My team won. We survived Brenda's crazy driving & Holly did not go into labor. We got all 12 of our clues. 

I am so excited to be joining the steering team next year! My position is publicity. So excited!!

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