Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Awesome April

A screw came out of the bench & Piper figured out how to fix it. She messed with it til she knew what to do.
Ah, big sisters!
Thought this was so cute! Pax didn't know what to think.
Tryin out his mesh feeder.
I have been making sure to get up earlier in the mornings so I can have some good quiet time. When Paxton wakes up I put him in bed with me & he drinks his bottle while I read some more. Piper joined us one morning & it was so sweet. I love how much she loves him!

Sweet Mackenzie turned 3 years old! 
Beau & I don't get many date nights but we try & spend some quality time together whenever we can. This night we put the kids in bed & enjoyed some peace & quiet by the fire outside. It was a great night.

Paxton fell asleep in my arms one night. He hasn't done this in a while. I love him so much!!!
He was rolling his bumbo around. Who needs toys??
 Little stinker woke up at 5 one morning & refused to go back to sleep. I let him cry & fuss for a long time then I gave up. He fell asleep while drinking his bottle. Stinker. I may have another strong-willed child! NO!!!!
 Piper, Daisy, & Prairie ready for some t-ball!
Paxton & mommy both wish some stinkin teeth would come in! Teething has been awful for him!
Piper spends a lot of time playing by herself. She's good like that but I have spent a lot of time playing la la loopsy's with her. 
 Not asparagus mom!!!
 Daddy kisses!!!
 A dinglehopper!!! (remember little mermaid)
 Pax scooted all the way to this ball!
 Found this on my bed one day. Love my sweet girl!!

 Paxton LOVES his jumper. A couple of times he has jumped and literally stopped in a second and fell asleep. 
 A worn out baby girl!
 Drive in movies with the Green's & Farris'! Fun night!
 Piper has been taking showers & loves them! I get soaked helping her though. Her brother soaks me to because he splashes so much! So I just get soaked when it comes to bathing kids!

 This is what a sleeping princess & sleeping angel look like!
 Our new bedroom furniture!! LOVE!
 And of course little miss sassy pants! 
Good morning!!
I love this precious girl laying in my bed combing her ponies hair.
Piper's version of angry birds. Smart girl!
 This is hilarious!! Don't worry, he did not get Beau's big yucky foot in his mouth. Beau moved it.
A couple Saturday's we did some put-putting. Piper loves to play put-put.
Here's my wreath I made. I don't think I like the yellow :(
 m&m's with dad
I should really get this girl out more! She was SO excited about the car wash!
I love how cute my kids look for church!

We took Ashley a meal & got to see sweet baby Analyn! She is gorgeous!!
 One day Paxton got some of Beau's magazine's that were on the floor & tore one of them up.  The next day he made his way to this & was trying to get it. I sent this picture to Beau. It was funny!
 Oh ya know, just checking out the NFL draft with dad....
Piper loves when these girls come over. They were just getting ready for t-ball practice.
 Daddy's sunglasses
I've got to put him in sooner clothes as much as I can while daddy's not home.


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