Sunday, May 19, 2013

8 months

This past month Paxton has started spitting. 
He has said hi & dada. Piper & I had been trying hard to get him to say mama before dada because Piper said dada first but Paxton said dada first too. 
He has been army crawling for about a month & gets up on all fours. He has lunged forward too. He is getting fast at the army crawl.
We've given him some crackers to gnaw on & he goes to town on them. He's also had a few bites of broccoli along with his baby food and little bites of watermelon.
He can give kisses & they are the best! Love that big, open mouth, slobbery kiss!!!
He loves to be on the floor. He is in to EVERYTHING!!! He gets broken hearted when we take something away from him.
He loves to jump! If you hold him he wants to jump, jumps in his bouncer, jumps sitting down, & just all the time.
He LOVES his daddy! Definitely a daddy's boy right now.
He likes cords. We have to keep things picked up pretty good right now but he can find them cords.
He got his last bottle of breast milk this past week. I am happy he got to have it for almost 8 months.
He jabbers so much & loves to talk to you. He can get really loud.
He's also been doing a fake laugh that is sure to make you smile!
If he is sleepy, hungry, or poopy that is the only time he cries. He is such a great baby!
He likes to pinch & grab & pull. He will hurt ya!
Weighs about 18ish pounds.
Still no teeth! He has mountains on his gums where they are trying to go in on the bottom. Poor baby!
Couldn't ask for a happier baby! 
I am so thankful to get to spend all day with this beautiful smile! 

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