Friday, May 31, 2013

Marvelous May!

Oh just helping my brother out...
 I pulled up to Holly's house one day & this was climbing her wall. It was huge! 
 It climbed up on their deck & was trying to get to some baby birds. I could tell it wasn't poisonous but we still wanted it gone. They have a hole in their house where the birds were. We were going to shoot the snake with a bb gun but couldn't find it....These big birds kept coming by trying to knock it off.  It ended up making it in the hole where the birds were. It was sad. Piper said she just wanted to pray. She said "Dear Lord I just want to pray for those baby birds that the snake must have got. Amen."
mmm Peas!
 Piper & I trying to use up some ripe bananas & made chocolate chip banana bread & some banana muffins.
 This is so funny! Paxton after daddy's magazines again. He ripped the cover off one of them. He is a determined little boy!
We love our family movie nights! We watched RV.
I love my little SOONER girl!
He does this EVERY time in his bumbo. Silly boy!
He is all over the place. We are constantly having to keep the floor clean. Oh I forgot about this age.
He is just hearbroken!

Me & Piper in our pink & navy.
Fixed her sheeps hair.
Beautiful ms. Jessica before prom!
He LOVES cords! 
One Sunday night we went to Poteau to watch Iron Man 3. The kids went to sleep early & we had fun playing before it started.

The babies in this picture have premie sleepers that were Piper & Paxton's.

Another movie night! Piper loves to plan movie nights for us.
Here is baby Jesus, an angel, Mary, & Joseph. Piper wanted us to dress as the nativity scene. Oh what you will do for your kids. I love special memories like this though.
Piper & I both cut our hair to our shoulders! YIKES!
When we eat pancakes Piper always wants to put color in it.
Mimi came one weekend & got to see one of Piper's t-ball games. 
We took her to Cherry Berry.
Mimi making Pax laugh.
She always wants to pose for us!
The best mimi!!!
Piper drew a picture of me & her. We are both Princess fairies. I LOVE it!! I am the one at the bottom.
Paxton crawled to his high chair & started crying. It was time to eat :) He has done this a few times.
The good ole storm shelter! Go away tornados!!
 "Oh just kicking my sister in the face."
 We made these for Mrs. Baker & Mimi.
 Mr. Chance & Pax
 Paxton got this from mimi.
 Piper has been wanting to go out with mommy. We had a fun day of shoe & jewelry shopping then to Taco Bueno.
Sometimes you need to stop the cleaning & say yes to playing princess' :)
 Where's Paxton????
 Little muscle man keeps pulling my 5 lb weights out from under the couch!
I will never get tired of waking up to these adorable faces!!

 Poor baby has it so bad. HA!
 Piper & I have been working on our summer to do list for a few weeks. Time to start checking things off!!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

The great outdoors!

We just LOVE to be outside enjoying God's beauty!

 Piper likes to go real high!

Walking trail! We introduced Piper to the honeysuckle.

 More tennis
Pax & I like to go for walks sometimes while sister is at school
 Great day at the park with my sweet kids!!
Shootin some hoops, throwin the frisby, & playing catch with my favorite people!

At the football field playing some football & soccer.

 Our little bulldogs!!