Monday, April 1, 2013

This last week....

Life seems so busy right now. We definitely have our busy moments. I feel so blessed & just want to enjoy every bit of it.
Isn't this how everyone eats dinner???
I got to meet sweet baby Fallon! Just beautiful!!
We saw sweet Elisha at target!
Paxton tried mum mums (Piper LOVED these). He actually choked a little so I waited a few days then he tried them again. Did great & loves them!
Tuesday I woke up SO sick at my stomach. The stinking stomach bug invaded our home. I kept throwing up then that afternoon Beau was throwing up at work. Piper was a HUGE helper & she did not want to leave my side. That night she fell asleep beside my bed b/c she just wanted to be with me. Daddy got booted to the couch that night. Beau & I stayed sick through part of Wed. & praise the Lord neither kids got it!! WHEW! I just kept praying that over & over..."please don't let the kids get it." I hate throwing up worse than anything.
Piper missed school, her first t-ball practice, & we missed MOPS :(
Trying to teach brother some shapes. HA!
 Piper likes practicing t-ball at home but I think her daddy likes this the most!
 Paxton is trying a sippy cup. Just for fun! He mostly likes to chew on it. I think the cold water feels good on his gums.
 This sweet boy laying down beside me one morning while I was still trying to have my quiet time. He was jabbering away. He likes hearing God's word!
Beau was at the church late Friday night watching a simulcast so Piper & I had some good quality time & snuggle time! I love this girl so much!

Finally we have bought a new kitchen table. We have had a hand-me-down since we have been married & thought it was time. :) Piper was SO excited to help her daddy put it together. She kept trying to take control. It was so funny listening to them b/c she is so much like me. Poor Beau. They would argue & she wanted it her way. She also just wanted it done which is very much like me. No patience putting it together. They ended up working as a team though.
I love it. Bigger but not too big for our little house. Piper kept telling her dad, "I'm glad you are helping me with this daddy." We thought it was funny that he was helping her!
This is too funny!
Paxton cannot stay in one spot. I believe he will be crawling soon. We are practicing making sure little things are out of the floor!
I also quit pumping. I am glad I am done but I am also sad. :( I was getting so much milk & I prayed so much that I would be able to do this. Now to use all this in the freezer. I am hoping it lasts til he is 7 months.


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