Friday, April 26, 2013


Another year of T-ball has started for Piper! She was excited to play. I can already tell how she has improved. 
 Paxton was ready to cheer his sissy on!

 Way to go Piper!!
 Paxton loves all the attention. Him and sweet London!
One night we had the option of forfeiting because it was cold. No we don't want to forfeit!!! I don't think anyone realized how cold it really was. It was COLD!!!  My poor Piper came to me crying half way through the game because she was freezing! It was awful!  Every inning I would try & warm her hands up & I convinced her to tough it out by promising her some hot chocolate. She got knocked off first base her last bat & it hurt her. She started crying. Beau was standing right beside her. He loved on her then put her back on the base. She was so tough. I'm tellin ya, I would have had a hard time playing like that. Proud of all the girls!!

 Paxton actually stayed warm that evening. Ms. London held him & let him chew on her hoodie string. He was happy happy happy!!
My little batter! Her hitting has improved! This was her 3rd game. She played so great this night. She got someone out, she stopped several balls. She had some hard ones hit to her too & still stopped them. She made it home 4 times. She said this was the funnest game she's ever played. It was so fun watching how she has improved & you could tell she had fun!!
For a while Piper would want to hang on to her helmet & it would slow her down. We told her not to worry about it so it comes off about everytime.
 I love my little Pink Panther! Go #11!!!!!!


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