Friday, April 19, 2013

My gorgeous 7 month old!

He wears size 3 diapers, 6-9 month clothes, size 2 shoes.
In the past month he has been scooting on his belly. 
He's sitting up but not real well. 
He's got quick hands. He likes to grab things & people.
Everything still goes in his mouth.
Drools like crazy!
Sleeps from 8 til about 7:30. Takes 2 good naps. Still sleeping on his belly.
Every time he wakes up his sister stops whatever she's doing to give him a kiss! <3
Screams & squeals SO loud. It's hilarious!
Still just LOVES his jumper.
Has liked all baby foods. He has a fruit with cereal for breakfast, a fruit for lunch, & a vegetables for dinner. We are soon going start some meats.
For about two weeks I have been giving him about 8 oz of formula a day so the breast milk in the freezer will last longer.
He's also tried yogurt bites & likes them. He's not real good at picking them up yet but is getting better.
He has had some bananas in his mesh feeder.
Loves looking at himself in the mirror.
He is very curious! He likes to know what's going on.
He has been getting up on all 4's.
He is so happy! He only cries if he's hungry, tired, or poopy.
His new favorite toy is this little razorback basketball Beau got him. If he sees it in the floor he will get to it. 
LOVES his baths & when I give him a bath I am SOAKED! He kicks & splashes so much I can hardly bathe him!
Still no teeth yet!
He really loves his daddy. He will stare at him & when Beau notices Paxton just smiles & gets excited!
He's the sweetest baby & we love him SO much!

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