Monday, April 22, 2013

Kings & Queens concert

Beau & I had been wanting to go to this concert. Manic Drive, Seventh Day Slumber, Group 1 Crew, & Audio Adrenaline. It's hard when we don't have family here to babysit & it's sometimes really hard to pay a babysitter plus go out on a date. We were on our way to play put put & decided to make a pit stop to see Group 1 Crew & Seventh Day Slumber at Lifeway. Beau really wanted to go to the concert after this & we decided it would be for his birthday. So we called our handy dandy babysitter to make sure she would be available. She was! We love her!
Blanca's hair is absolutely beautiful! Piper even said "mom her hair was beautiful!" Paxton thought so to b/c as you can see he is pulling her hair in this picture. We were all laughing. They talked to the kids & were so sweet! She told us that she is pregnant with her first little boy. Her husband plays the drums for them. Manwell's hair is awesome too he just had it put back here.
 The guys from Seventh Day Slumber were so nice too. They all told Piper how cute her name was & the lead singer (2nd from the left) made a comment on how Paxton was going to be a little football player. :)
I think Paxton was thinking in this picture that none of them have hair pretty enough to pull like Blanca's.
 I love when miss Jessica is babysitting & I see pictures of the kids! She is a great babysitter & Piper gets SO excited when she is coming!

 Beau & I were very impressed with Manic Drive! We LOVED them & we didn't realize how good they were. We also didn't realize how young they were. Or that they were brothers from Canada. I wish I had a better picture because Beau & I thought the one that plays the guitar looked just like a younger Robert Downey Jr.
They were our 2nd favorite!
 Seventh Day Slumber was our least favorite but we still LOVED them!

 One of the best parts of the night was when they got done the bass player came on & wanted to sing a song to his girlfriend for her birthday. He said he had never sang to her. He started singing & I told Beau "Oh my goodness, he's going to propose!! He said "no way!" They drug her on stage & sure enough when the song was over he pulled out a box & proposed. She said yes! It was SO sweet! His voice is beautiful by the way!!
Our first favorite was Group 1 Crew! They were as awesome as their hair & Blanca was rocking that baby bump!

 Beau LOVES Kevin Max! He played for DC Talk back in the day. He was excited because it was his first time to see him. 
We love Audio Adrenaline but they were our 3rd favorite! Kevin even played some old school DC talk!

 We loved running into friends there!

 I was excited Manwell replied to my tweet!!
What an awesome night!!!!!!!

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