Sunday, April 28, 2013

Go Raiders!!!

What an exciting day for the Ames' family as well as the Wilson family.
For two days Beau  & I had been keeping up with the draft to see where Tyler was going to go. I don't think anyone would have expected him to go so late. Friday night my uncle Danny, aunt Jane, & mom came up for Beau's birthday. They took us out to eat. I told them about Tyler & I kept checking to see if he was drafted...Nope.. We couldn't believe it. 
Saturday we went to Walmart. Beau didn't want to go. He & my uncle Danny were headed to the tools & automotive. Beau was looking at the sporting good section when Tyler Wilson walked up the isle with 2 people with him. Beau tried to contain himself. Beau loves him & has been rooting for him for a long time. We loved watching him in highschool & although I'm not a razorback fan I always rooted for him. Beau said Tyler looked a little down. He started talking to him & asked him if he had been drafted. He said no & that he was getting some golf balls to go hit. Beau called me so I could take a picture. I walked around the corner & Tyler introduced himself & shook my hand. He was very nice. I got my phone to take a picture & his phone started ringing. I kinda hesitated then hurried to take the picture. Tyler reached in his pocket to grab his phone (as seen in this picture) & waited a second for me to snap the picture. He then showed us his phone. It had Oakland, California on it. It took me a second to realize what was going on. Then I just couldn't believe it. Tyler was being drafted! Beau got the first high five. He high fived us & the guys that were with him. My uncle Danny came around the corner & heard the conversation. You could tell how Tyler's mood just changed & he was so excited! It was SO neat!
It was also in the newspaper. It read "someone in Greenwood has a cellphone picture of Tyler reaching in his pocket receiving his phone call to be drafted."
{Of all places to be when being drafted....Walmart}
A moment we will NEVER forget!!!
All of this on my husband's birthday!!!!!
Go Raiders!!!!!!

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