Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break Tulsa

Our intentions were to get up & go to the Tulsa zoo. That was apparently everyone's intentions. We got there and the line was unbelievable. We stood in line for a little bit (freezing) & decided it wouldn't be worth it to get the kids sick. We were all just shaking. We will go back when it is nicer. So, we headed to the aquarium. It was pretty packed but not as bad as the zoo. 
The kids had so much fun! They got to touch star fish, horseshoe crabs, & sting rays. Everyone loved the big shark tank!

 They got to crawl inside this fish tank :)

 Paxton was good the whole time. He loved looking at everything. He like the colorful fish & the bright lights.

 My favorite! Doesn't this remind you of Finding Nemo??

 Michael fighting an alligator!
Then we headed over to bass pro. That is always fun. We checked out more fish, rode the big elevator, & shot some guns. :)

 We ate at Las Cabos for lunch. Love that place. We sat by the water & got to see the ducks.

The kids were worn out!!
On our way home I accidentally went through a pike pass lane so my mom ran through traffic to go pay it so when my ticket comes in the mail I can show them that I did pay it :)
Anyway, it was a great trip. We all had a good day!


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