Sunday, March 31, 2013

Piper 5.5

Piper Annabeth is 5 1/2 years old!
She loves:
being tickled, lip gloss, LalaLoopsy's, dancing to Dancing with the Stars, Duck Dynasty, preschool, praying, playing outside, doing school work, anything arts & crafts, & riding her bike.
She has such a sweet heart & she's such a good girl. She's very creative & has a huge imagination. 
She's very paticular. She knows what she wants & when she sets her mind there's no stopping her. She's smart & is a quick learner.
She can be a little dramatic sometimes & has been known to make a big deal out of nothing. 
When she hears an ambulance she has to pray. 
She absolutely loves her baby brother & has to kiss him before & after naptime & before & after bedtime. She helps me so much with him. A huge benefit of having my kids 5 years apart. She is the best big sister!
Mrs. Baker (her preschool teacher) is always bragging on her. She comments on how well she writes & how sweet she is. 
We love our princess SO much!!! You are perfect Piper!!

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