Saturday, March 30, 2013

Duck Dynasty

Just like a lot of other people our family is a little obsessed with Duck Dynasty. 
What an awesome family! 
Beau's favorite is Phil, mine is Jase, & Piper's is Uncle Si.
Here are a few funny things I wanted to remember.
One night Piper wanted to watch a movie in bed. I asked her what she wanted to watch so she laid in bed watching Duck Dynasty. 
She quotes  "nnno" & "he gone" like they do. Hilarious!
One night Piper wanted me to massage her back. When I did she said "now were cookin with peanut oil." (from Phil).
One night before Duck Dynasty I told Piper to get her pajamas on & she said "I was gonna put them on before I went to bed Jack."
Then I was putting Paxton to bed & she gave him a kiss & as I walked off she said "he gone."

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