Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Busy busy busy

We have been so busy lately. So much going on. The weather has been CRAZY! We have had some nice days then it will get cold again. When it's nice we try to go outside & enjoy it as much as we can.

One weekend when mimi was here. Love this picture!

A tea party with my girl! She makes the best tea!

Beau wants him to always have a ball in his hand!
One day this spider (a brown recluse) was on my jeans. I had a fit!!! I hit it off with my hand. Thankfully wasn't bitten.
Bulldog basketball game.
This is why he has to be strapped in.
Piper now has a chore chart. If we could only be consistent with it.

It hailed one day & looked crazy. Looked like snow until you looked close.

I can't even tell you how many La La Loopsy's she has! {spoiled}
 Pax is eating baby food!!!
 One day Paxton put his arms up like this so we would say "Paxton put your dukes up." Everytime he would do this & we would cheer for him. It was so cute & he was so proud!

 If you put him in the floor don't expect him to stay in one spot. Under the table here. He is all over! (rolling)
 My sweet friend from California! They got a new house so I went & helped her clean. We had so much fun! Love her!
 That's talent right there!
Piper is excited for t-ball!


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  1. Such sweet moments with your babies. That picture of Paxton naked on the floor is precious! Love a clean baby!