Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another random post :)

I love these fish lips!!

Piper & I went on a date to buy new shoes & to the dollar tree. She loves little crafty things so she was excited!

We LOVE Shipley's donuts! They are so sweet there & they always give us more than what we buy. There hot donuts melt in your mouth! 

Baby girl is signed up & ready for t-ball. She wants to practice all the time.

When baby boy wakes up from his nap he lays his head on me for a little bit. He is so opposite of Piper. When Piper wakes up she is wide awake. Paxton takes a little bit. 
Washing her dirty feet! lol!
He's doing so good at holding his bottle! 
One day we went on the walking trial & had dinner. It was so nice!
One of my favorite couples! Love Kyle & Holly!

 Sweetest baby ever!
My husband is a mess!

 Piper went to Xander's birthday party & was happy to help wrap his present & decorate it.
 Beau sometimes forgets to strap Paxton in his bouncer. Little wild man!


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