Monday, March 25, 2013

6 months old!!

~Half way to a year!!  I seriously can't believe it!!
~I love this boy so much!! When he smiles I could eat him up!!
~Wears size 3 diaper, & 6-9 month clothes.
~He is rolling & scoots himself on his belly.
~Sleeps on his belly & is everywhere in his bed. We check on him while he sleeps & wonder how he gets in the positions he is in.
~EVERYTHING goes in his mouth! Hands, feet, shoes, whatever. So please don't touch my boys hands! Good chance your hand will go in his mouth.
~I still cannot believe he does not have teeth yet. His gums were real swollen one day & his stomach was tore up. I don't want him to have teeth yet but I am tired of the trouble he has had with them.
~Sometimes when you say "hi" to him. It sounds like he is mimicking it. So cute!
~Still sleeping great! From 8-7:30 or 8.
~Loves baths, his jumper, & just being on the floor.
~Getting pretty good at holding his bottle. Holds it about half the time.
~He weighs 17.1 lbs (60%) & is 27 in. (65%).
~He babbles, jabbers, & squeals a lot!
~He has eaten quite a bit of baby food & hasn't had one he doesn't like yet. Loves squash!
~He is not good at sitting up yet but is getting there.
~He loves when you talk, read, or sing to him!
~He loves when you get real close to him so he can grab your face or hair & beware, he has quick hands!
~I am weaning myself off the pump so I am only pumping 2 times a day now.

Paxton had to get 2 shots. He cried when they did it but was a trooper! Tuff boy!

I like comparison pictures. It's neat to see their differences. They are both just so perfect!


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