Friday, February 15, 2013


Last weekend while my mom was in Beau & I got to go on a date. We were so excited that she offered to watch the kids! We ate at Olive Garden, watched a movie, and did a little shopping. Beau got me a pair of shoes & I got him a shirt for Valentines Day.
When we got home Paxton just held on to me & loved on me with his head on my shoulder. I think he missed me! Made me realize how much I am never away from him.
We stayed home on Valentines Day & ate steak & played the wii. 
Piper & I made cupcakes.
I love my little family so much!

Instead of cards we wrote in hearts what we loved about eachother. 
Paxton: I love your looks because they come from your momma. I love when I come home & call your name & you find me & smile. -dad.  Your smile & your laugh. -Piper. I love how you scratch your head when you're going to sleep. I love how you crinkle your nose & smile so big. -mom
Piper: You have a sweet heart that cares about people. I love watching you dance on the wii Just Dance Disney. -mom. I love when you make things for people. You are so sweet. I love that you are so beautiful & the best princess in the world. -dad
Becky: I love you mom. Thanks for cooking. -Piper.  I love your heart for our Lord Jesus! I love that you are beautiful and you take time to cook us wonderful meals. And you teach our children amazing things! -Beau.
Beau: I love all the fun stuff you do with us. You take care of us. -Piper.  I love your big muscle arms. You work hard every day at work so you can take care of your family. -Becky
This was so neat & we all loved doing this!
Great Valentines Day even if Valentines Day is completely over-rated!


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  1. Great pictures! Your dinner looks so yummy! Makes my mac n cheese dinners look pretty sad! :)