Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 months

In this last month:
He found his feet, he started rolling like crazy, he cries real tears.
He is such a smiley baby! If you talk to him, look, at him or even make a face at him he just smiles at you. 
He rubs his head as he is going to sleep at night. We still keep mittens on his hands although he is a pro at getting them off now. 
His hands stay in his mouth. Cannot keep them out. Still no teeth yet.
Loves the jumper, the bumbo, & the bouncer.
He loves his family so much. He loves to grab us & just squeals! We all love him so much!
Sleeping: Some nights you will sleep through the night. This past week you have been waking up at 5, then sleeping until 7:30-8. It isn't bad. We haven't done a good job of getting you on a nap schedule b/c we have been so busy. There is always something going on including taking & pickup Piper up from school.
Likes sleeping on his stomach. I would turn him over but he ended up back on his belly. 
Pumping: I was getting so much milk. We are running out of room in our freezer & we don't have a deep freezer so I have went down to pumping 3 times a day. Thankfully I am still getting more than what Paxton is drinking. 
Food: He loves cereal. In the next week or so we will start baby food. 

 The picture below you can see how sleepy he is & how is is rubbing his head. It's so sweet!


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