Monday, February 25, 2013


Yep, I am now 29! Kind of a weird feeling getting so close to 30. :) Geez I sorta feel like a grown up...
My husband came home Friday & surprised me with a green & zebra cookie cake. I love it!!! Then he had let Piper pick out a gift from her & Pax. She chose gold earrings with hearts on them. She thought her mommy would just love them & I do. She was so proud to get it. Beau got me a silver lock-it & let me pick out a new dress. We went out to eat at my choice of Longhorn Steakhouse.
Saturday my mom, aunt Jane, uncle Danny, & little cousin Kamyn came up for the night. I love when my aunt  Jane & uncle Danny come up b/c they like to shop. So that is what we did. The kids got spoiled. I got spoiled! Then they took me out to eat at Maria's for my birthday. 

I had a great birthday! I am one thankful girl & am so blessed with a wonderful family!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


This is our 2nd good snow of the winter. I am usually good with about one good one for the year but it is pretty :)
I introduced Piper to "Enchanted". A movie about a princess?? Of course she loved it!
We drank hot chocolate & played in the snow for just a little bit.... We didn't stay very long!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 months

In this last month:
He found his feet, he started rolling like crazy, he cries real tears.
He is such a smiley baby! If you talk to him, look, at him or even make a face at him he just smiles at you. 
He rubs his head as he is going to sleep at night. We still keep mittens on his hands although he is a pro at getting them off now. 
His hands stay in his mouth. Cannot keep them out. Still no teeth yet.
Loves the jumper, the bumbo, & the bouncer.
He loves his family so much. He loves to grab us & just squeals! We all love him so much!
Sleeping: Some nights you will sleep through the night. This past week you have been waking up at 5, then sleeping until 7:30-8. It isn't bad. We haven't done a good job of getting you on a nap schedule b/c we have been so busy. There is always something going on including taking & pickup Piper up from school.
Likes sleeping on his stomach. I would turn him over but he ended up back on his belly. 
Pumping: I was getting so much milk. We are running out of room in our freezer & we don't have a deep freezer so I have went down to pumping 3 times a day. Thankfully I am still getting more than what Paxton is drinking. 
Food: He loves cereal. In the next week or so we will start baby food. 

 The picture below you can see how sleepy he is & how is is rubbing his head. It's so sweet!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Quality time!

We had a fun day with the family. We started out at the park til we realized how crazy the wind was. Then we went to the ROC to shoot some hoops, then to get some ice cream. It was a great day! Thankful for quality time with my family!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Disciple Now

I love disciple now at our church. It is one of the biggest youth events of the year. Beau & I always want to help out & this year we got to do a little. We helped out with the big game they played. They played "The MOST Amazing Race." There were 12 different stations where they had to compete different tasks. 
At our station they could either do 250 push-ups as a team or solve some anagrams. 
Piper & Paxton were with us. They were both so good. Piper painted a tree with mud. 
It was fun watching the Youth trying to compete. Throughout the race they had to pick up parts to put together a cross at the end. That was really neat!


Friday, February 15, 2013


Last weekend while my mom was in Beau & I got to go on a date. We were so excited that she offered to watch the kids! We ate at Olive Garden, watched a movie, and did a little shopping. Beau got me a pair of shoes & I got him a shirt for Valentines Day.
When we got home Paxton just held on to me & loved on me with his head on my shoulder. I think he missed me! Made me realize how much I am never away from him.
We stayed home on Valentines Day & ate steak & played the wii. 
Piper & I made cupcakes.
I love my little family so much!

Instead of cards we wrote in hearts what we loved about eachother. 
Paxton: I love your looks because they come from your momma. I love when I come home & call your name & you find me & smile. -dad.  Your smile & your laugh. -Piper. I love how you scratch your head when you're going to sleep. I love how you crinkle your nose & smile so big. -mom
Piper: You have a sweet heart that cares about people. I love watching you dance on the wii Just Dance Disney. -mom. I love when you make things for people. You are so sweet. I love that you are so beautiful & the best princess in the world. -dad
Becky: I love you mom. Thanks for cooking. -Piper.  I love your heart for our Lord Jesus! I love that you are beautiful and you take time to cook us wonderful meals. And you teach our children amazing things! -Beau.
Beau: I love all the fun stuff you do with us. You take care of us. -Piper.  I love your big muscle arms. You work hard every day at work so you can take care of your family. -Becky
This was so neat & we all loved doing this!
Great Valentines Day even if Valentines Day is completely over-rated!