Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sleep training

January 23rd we put Paxton in his own bed. After things got settled down that night & I was getting ready for bed I asked Beau if we really put him in his own bed. It makes me so sad that our last child is in his very own bedroom now. 
The first few nights the first time he woke up we fed him & ended up putting him in our room with us. I have found it a little harder to try & put this boy on a schedule so far. Just something about a last child. 
Friday night I decided to stick with it. Paxton went to bed at 8, woke up at 1:30 then at 6. Not bad. I let him cry 10 minutes before I would go in a feed him. 
After a week of waking up two times in the night Paxton has been sleeping from 8-5. I change him, feed him then put him back in bed. He sleeps til 8 or 8:30. He has done this for two nights. I feel like a new woman!!
Love a sleep schedule!!

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