Monday, January 14, 2013

Paxton's rosebud ceremony & Piper & Paxton's baby dedication

We were so excited to show off our baby & announce him to our church family on Sunday.
Here is something funny I want to remember. Right before church started I was holding Paxton & he went to the bathroom. I could tell it was a bad one. Usually when he poops he immediately starts crying when he's done b/c he wants changed. Well, I looked at his back & you could see poop coming out the back. He had a onesie on so it was on it. I was thinking "o no!!" Church started & Pax started to get fussy. I just kept thinking "hurry up Jeff, hurry up." I just bounced Pax to keep him from getting fussy. We finally got called up & he did okay. I left immediately after to go change his clothes. Leave it to my boy to do something like that. :)
I also want to note that when we were in front of the church & Jeff asked how old Paxton was I said almost four months. I could see the expressions on peoples faces. They were thinking, O my goodness he's a big baby! It was funny!
 We never did Piper's baby dedication so we did it with Paxton's. It was such a sweet time dedicating our children to the Lord. We did the Lord's supper & Jeff prayed with us.
So thankful for our EDGE pastor Jeff. He really has a heart for the Lord. He is a wonderful pastor that truely cares for people.
Also thankful for our wonderful nursery director, Tonia. We are so thankful for all she does for our children. You are such a blessing! Piper loves her book btw!
Beau & I could tell there was a lot put into this. It is such a big deal raising your children to know Christ. I would say the most important thing in parenting.

Here is Piper's Rose Bud Ceremony 5 years ago.

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