Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Old fashioned Christmas

My aunt Jane, aunt Bonnie, & my cousin Ashley wanted to do an old fashioned Christmas this year with the kids. They got a real tree to put up at Grandma's. The kids made ornaments, did crafts, watched Christmas movies, & played Christmas charades. Then they all stayed the night. 
(some of my pictures are sideways. IDK how to get them to turn)
Here's my boy!
My  beautiful babies!
Ashley working hard spray painting pine cones.
Garrett thought it was so neat that he had Paxton smiling so he got Gavin & Michael to show them. So sweet!
My poor baby did not want a foot print :(
Someone had the bright idea of doing a popcorn stringer. The adults ended up doing this & it was hard work. It sure looked pretty on the tree though.
Aunt Bonnie holds Paxton all the time. He is going to be rotten!
Christmas charades:
an elf
Christmas tree
a present
Santa Clause
What a great time! We were all worn out!!

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