Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve

We left Antlers on Christmas Eve to come home & have our family Christmas on Christmas day. As soon as we got home Piper was ready to put our the reindeer food. She literally ran all over the front yard trying not to miss a spot. 
 This year Piper decorated a cardboard box for a manger. When we did a good deed we got to put hay (pipe cleaner) in the manger. Christmas eve night we swaddled Jesus & placed Him in the manger.

 Daddy reading The Night Before Christmas.
 We did our stocking Christmas Eve night. Here is Paxon's goodies.
 My husband knows me well. He said there were different belts but he knew I was a black belt sudoku!
 I got Beau a keychain from our wedding.

 Piper was so excited to leave milk & cookies for Santa. She also had him a few pictures.
 On the little paper she wrote "Santa" & drew reindeer's.
Piper was so giggly & excited she could hardly sleep. It was so cute! 

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  1. Looks like ya'll had a great Christmas! I had forgotten how good you were at sudoku on the plane to Africa!!