Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Santa came & he put a hat on baby Jesus. Piper thought that was so cute!
She couldn't believe Santa came! He took her letters & ate & drank the milk & cookies. She couldn't believe he snuck in our house & we didn't know it. He also left her & Paxton a letter.
She said "o my goodness he knew the exact la la loopsy I wanted." 
He got her the movie she wanted too.
Paxton got a football & a batman from Santa.
Piper had a gift for Beau & I that she did at Mrs. Baker's.
Her hand prints & a poem. I cried.

A bracelet. One side said "mommy we love you." The other side had Paxton & Piper's name on it.

Beau's man kit :)

Merry Christmas!!!
The last few years I have LOVED making Christmas dinner for my family. Beau got the turkey ready for me.  He's so good!
Piper loves her what she calls "big girl scooter."
My Paxton's 1st Christmas!
Christmas dinner!

Piper was excited to sleep in her new la la loopsy jammies, blanket, & stuffed loopsy doll.
AMAZING Christmas! 

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  1. So fun! It is so sweet that Piper was so excited!