Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3 months old!

Yep our baby boy is 3 months old. I just can't believe it. He has grown so much!! He is just the sweetest baby!
~Most people's first response when they see him & know how old he is is "wow, he's a big boy." He sure is. We love fat babies!
~He has been trying to roll over. He has gotten his legs over but not his broad shoulders. He tries real hard though. (rolling from back to belly)
~He spits & drools like crazy. He will push spit out with his tongue. It's so funny. Likes to make spit bubbles.
~He has the biggest smile. He opens his mouth open wide & smiles so big. A lot of people comment on how much he smiles.
~The ladies in the nursery talk about how he likes to cuddle. If he falls asleep on me, I'm not putting him down. Those are precious moments. I love holding him against my chest & he just stares up at me.
~He weighs about 13 pounds.
~He is sleeping through the night. Has been for a while now. There are a few nights he has wanted a few ounces of milk but most nights he sleeps 6-9 hours at a time. AMAZING!!
~He loves his mom, dad, & sissy. We can just talk to him & he is smiling & trying to giggle. He has giggled out loud a few times.
~We can tell he is going to like attention & is going to be a talker.
~He grunts at us. It's so funny!
~He is so gassy. O my!
~size 2 diapers
~clothes mostly 3-6 months
~still drinking mommy's milk (through a bottle) Drinks 4 oz through the day & 6-7 right before bed time.
~Loves baths & has been kicking like crazy in it. He also gets his hand wet & sucks away on it.
~Sucks on his hand or wrist a lot.


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