Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Matthew & Kayla had a little Halloween party at their house Sunday night. We stayed there until Beau couldn't breath. They have cats & Beau is WAY allergic. 

Michael the warewolf & Piper the pumpkin witch.
Michael likes anything scary & Piper says she is a nice witch.

On our way home that night I started hurting & didn't feel good. I had my 2nd round of mastitis. UGH! Thankfully it didn't last as long as the 1st one & it wasn't near as bad. I stayed in bed all day Monday with fever & started more antibiotics. :(
My precious girl!!
He loves his Mummy!

The night before Halloween....
Piper could not wait to go trick or treating!!
My pumpkin Witch. (remember she's a nice witch)
 My pumpkin (this is the same costume Piper wore as a baby)

 We always have to go show Miss Dorothy first.
 We went to the Greenwood walking trail first where they had students handing out candy.
 Piper was so sweet & made sure to say thank you to everyone who gave her candy.
 The tree (Doug K.) 
 Then we went trick or treating. There was one house where a spider jumped out at Piper & she screamed so loud!!
 Taking a pose at the Andrews' house.
 She got to see Carson & Paige.
Fantastic Halloween! Piper had fun & Paxton slept through his first Halloween. :)


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