Monday, November 26, 2012

2 months old!

Paxton has been sleeping most nights about 6 hours at a time which I think is fantastic!
He usually wakes up once in the night. He goes right back to sleep after he is fed & changed.
He still likes to hold on to things. He holds on to a blanket he is on or your shirt. It is so precious!
Loves his baths! He kicks & gets his arms going in the tub.
Diapers: size 1 (moving to a 2)
Eats 3 1/2 oz during the day & 4 at night. His first night bottle he likes to have more though & won't go to sleep until he gets it. 
He's still getting mommy's milk (thankfully)
Clothes: 0-3 months
Loves tummy time
He has been smiling a lot & it just melts my heart!!! <3
He kicks his arms & legs a lot & has his hands in a fist a lot.
He likes making spit bubbles
He has been cooing & trying to talk to us.
Pax weighs 12 lbs 11 oz (75th %)
height 23 1/4 (50th%)
He got his 2 month shots today :( 3 of them. He screamed & cried for a minute then has seemed okay. It was hard for me not to cry. 
Our baby boy is just perfect!!


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