Friday, October 12, 2012

Piper's first teeth cleaning.

I haven't been back to my old work place since Piper was a baby. Beau services them so they are always asking when I am going to come in with the kids. Piper had never had her teeth cleaned. We went in on Monday. They weren't busy so they were able to clean her teeth then. They were teasing me b/c Piper is 5 & hasn't had her teeth cleaned yet. I told them I knew how to take care of her teeth. 
Piper did great! Here is Alisha J. cleaning her teeth. 
 Dr. Tim checking them out. He said I was right. I did know what I was doing. She didn't have any cavities!!
On the x-rays we got to see 4 big teeth on top & 4 big teeth on bottom. That just made me sad. It won't be long.
It was great seeing all my old co-workers at RVPD!!

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