Sunday, October 7, 2012


I have heard of Mastitis but I didn't realize how AWFUL it is! Last Sunday after we had pictures made I wasn't feeling well. I took like a two hour nap. I woke up still feeling achy. I had taken tylenol then started feeling feverish. Sure enough I had fever. Beau watched Paxton for me that night & I felt so sick. I still got up to pump. I was afraid I was getting the flu even though I had the flu shot while in the hospital. I noticed one of my breast was hurting too. I happened to read a message bored about Mastitis & realized that is what it was. I called my dr. Monday morning to leave a message with the nurse. It took her about 3 hours to call back. My temp had been up to 103 & all I had done was sleep. She was going to ask the dr. if he wanted me to come in. Apparently they were busy & she didn't call back. My temp had gotten up to 104.3. At this point my mom had made it to stay the night to help with the kids. Beau & mom were both trying to get me to go to the dr. I just didn't feel like it. I just wanted to sleep. Beau called the nurse at 4 & she called us back at 4:30. They put me on an antibiotic. By wed the highest my temp was was 103. My left boob hurt SO bad though that I just cried when I would pump. I couldn't sleep that night b/c of the pain. I took hot baths, I massaged it, & I pumped as often as possible so my milk would keep coming. I didn't get any milk out of it for a few days & I just cried. I was so engorged! I got milk from the other side but obviously one side wasn't enough for my growing baby. Thankfully I had so much milk already in my freezer that we had to use about 4 bags to make it through those two days. I was SO afraid I wasn't going to get to pump anymore & it really depressed me. I just kept on pumping. I still am not getting much out of that side but it is a little. I am still not completely over it but it is so much better!
Call me a drama queen if ya want but Mastitis is the devil!!!!!



  1. Love the new background! I'm finally checking blogs on my computer so I can comment! :) Oh MY! I feel SO bad for you! You are so not being a drama queen! I can't believe your fever got so high and I would be so mad at the doctor for not calling back quickly! Ugh! Hope you continue to get better! Love you!

  2. I was pretty upset with the dr.s office! Thank you friend! I love you!!!

  3. Mastitis IS awful! I had it with Daniel and I can remember trying to change his diaper and just crying! It really is like the flu but worse! Hope you are feeling better.....I have been praying for you and that new little baby! The first month is hard enough without mastitis! :)

  4. Oh no Becky!! That is awful! I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  5. Thank you ladies!! I like to hear from other women who have had it. They know how bad it is :)