Monday, October 8, 2012

2 wk check up & 5 year check up

We had 2 week & 5 year check-ups last Friday. 

Piper weighed 39 lbs (50%) height 43 inches (55%)
I didn't tell Piper that she had to get shots til they were all done with both of them & the nurse came back in to give them to Piper. They did the flu mist first. 5 has to be the hardest age to get shots. It was even harder than last year. I only like them to get 2 at a time so last year she got two & two this time. She screamed!! I was hugging her & I quickly said "wanna get some Chick'fila? She said yes. Tears just rolled down my eyes too. She kept telling me it hurt but all in all she was pretty tough besides going through it. 

Paxton weighed 8 lbs 3 oz height 21 inches.
He grunted at Dr. Whitaker while he checked him. He does a lot of that. Thankfully Pax was good while his sister got her shots. He just sat in the car seat with his paci in his mouth. 

At 2 weeks: Paxton has been a great baby so far. He is very demanding when it comes to his milk. His sister was the same way. He usually wakes up 2 times a night. I feed him, change him, I pump then go back to sleep. On the weekends Beau helps me. Paxton knows his mommy's voice. We can be around him & he will turn his head toward me when I am talking. We still swaddle him at night but we let his arms out. He loves belly time. He & I usually take at least one nap with him laying on my chest. I absolutely love it. He is a grunter. He grunts all the time. His sister also did that. It is too cute! He has been smiling at us some. It's hard to catch though so I haven't gotten a picture yet. So far he likes the swing & his bouncer. He is just so sweet & we all could seriously eat him up! 

It was a hard day. I was getting over Mastitis, I was nervous about taking the newborn out. My 5 year old was getting shots & it was raining. I was doing this all alone. All you moms of more than one child are my hero! I have had it made for too long!


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