Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Piper loves her babies!

Spoiled??  Mimi does this whenever she is around & it puts Piper right to sleep.
Garrett & Piper
Piper & Kaylee
We went to Antlers one day & took Beau's truck. Piper loves riding in it b/c she gets to see EVERYTHING!!
Helping daddy drive!

Piper drew a picture of her meeting our neighbor Allysa. She just turned 5 & Piper loves playing with her.
Piper & Allysa, our neighbor.

My husband is so funny! He will take FOREVER updating his game on the PS3 then he will finally play a game. Here he has 3 football magazines & the computer getting his stats.
Picnic at the park!
The weather has been SO nice for August!
Piper wrapped this tissue around her & designed her a little dress!

At Goody's for some ice cream!
Swimming with the Hogeland's!
Another picnic!
Piper LOVES dressing up! She dresses up almost everyday!
Trying to play with her dad.
New Angry Bird pajamas she got with birthday money!

This is my last "random" post as a family of 3. :)

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