Friday, September 21, 2012

Paxton is here!! September 19, 2012

Wed. morning we got up at 3:50 A.M.  We took Piper over to the Hogeland's. It helped us so much that Ashley kept Piper for me. I was so stressed about where to take her. We really wanted my mom to get to be in there with us when we had the baby. By these pictures you can tell Piper had fun with the Hogeland kids.

We got to the hospital at 5 a.m. I was dilated to a 4. I had been hurting the night before & woke up several times hurting. They started my pitocin at 5:45. I started hurting a little more. At 6:15 Dr. Laws came in & broke my water (that was weird).  I started hurting immedietley. The contractions were about 3-4 minutes apart. Since it was going so fast they never upped my pitocin. I went to the bathroom & the nurse was so scared I was going to have him in there. I went to the bathroom then got back in bed. I still felt like I needed to go. I told the nurse & so she checked me. I was an 8. At this point my contractions felt like they weren't hardly going down & they were so close together. I felt like I wasn't getting a break. Not even 10 minutes after they checked me the last time I felt like I needed to push. I felt a lot of pressure down there. Nurse checked me again & sure enough I was a 10. One nurse called Dr. Laws who was just upstairs doing paperwork & he didn't answer. I got a little scared. He called back though & got down there fast. I got ready for my first push. Got my feet in the stirrups & mom had one hand & Beau had the other. I had a hard time with that push because I didn't feel like I was quite ready. They were all telling me to push. I remember getting so scared & thinking I can't do this. At that point my body was ready to push. I knew it was about to hurt so bad. I started pushing naturally & then they were all telling me to stop. The Dr. was trying to get me ready so I didn't tear. The two nurses were holding my feet. I couldn't stop pushing. I tried by trying to breath then I literally climbed backwards up the bed with the nurses still hanging on to my feet & mom & Beau had my hands. I started to cry. I was terrified. The next push out came baby boy. I still tore but it wasn't bad. It was 7:38 a.m. I felt like he just slid right out. I immedietley felt relieved.  Dr. Laws comments on how big he was. They put him on my belly & I was just in love. My first thought was that his nose looked like Pipers.  He had dark black hair, a big chubby face, & chubby body!  We were in LOVE!!!
He also had a red mark on his eye which the nurse said was just from being born & should be gone in two weeks.
I am so thankful it went so fast. The Dr. & nurses joked about how fast it was & that I set a record.
My mom & Beau were fantastic coaches. One time Beau started feeling like he was going to pass out. The nurse asked if he was okay. He then starts comforting me & focuses on helping me. He felt better after that. He & mom both saw a little more this time than they had wanted. lol!
While the dr. was sewing me up Beau stood by Paxton & just cried. It was such a sweet moment. He talked to him & he cried. I love it! 
Here is my chunky baby.
There is Christi. Beau has known her for a long time. She was there also when we had Piper. She stayed past her shift both times so she could be in there with us. That was so nice having her there. She was one who had a leg. I wish I would have gotten another picture with Tracie but she was busy snapping all these pics for me. She was also WONDERFUL!!!!

He was 7lbs 13oz 20.75 in. I couldn't believe he was so big! Oh but oh so perfect!
Proud of his son! He just couldn't stop crying.
Momma was crying too. What an experience & what a journey to get him here. 

Proud mimi!
Piper had this huge smile on her face getting to see him for the first time.
Then she kisses him. She just loves him!!!
First family picture!!!!!

My friend Toni just so happen to be coming to Ft. Smith & she heard I had him so she stopped by!
Courtney who is due in a few weeks with her 2nd little boy.
I was not good at getting everyone's pictures. Jason & Jana, Aaron Meeker, & our preacher Jeff also came by. As we were leaving Brother Ronnie caught us outside the hospital. Most people didn't expect us to get to leave so soon.
Piper was excited to help me change Paxton's diaper. Well, til she saw it was a poopy one. Then she was done. lol!
I love this sweet face! O my goodness!!
One of my favorite pictures. Paxton absolutley loves listening to you talk to him. It is SO sweet. He sits there with his eyes open & listens. O what a wonderful day!!
My boy!
We hardly slept in hospital. When Paxton would go to sleep it seems like someone would come in there & wake him up. I kept reaching in & putting his paci back in. He would keep it in his mouth for 5-10 minutes then it would fall out. They came & got him at 12:15 for 3 hours & that was nice! 
Going home the next day.

Thank you Jesus for Paxton Asher Ames!! & thank you for a fast & safe delivery!!

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