Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Paxton come out!!! (& my 39 week 3 day apt)

I am hoping this is my last pregnancy post. I am 39 weeks & 3 days today. 
I want to always remember how much this baby moves inside my belly. I loved just watching my belly roll & the sudden kicks & jerks I felt. He would make my belly look lopsided a lot & I have been having quite a bit braxton hicks.  I feel like I have no more room for him to grown. I have felt him hit my ribs several times.
The first part of my pregnancy he seemed so low then it seemed like I carried him high. I carried both of my kids high.
The weekend my mom was in she & I thought I looked like I had dropped. It sure looks like it in this picture. 
My mom did a lot of back & feet rubbing. It was SO nice. We walked a ton!
 I have to enjoy this last little bit. It's almost over!
Paxton has so many people so anxious to meet him. This past week Piper has prayed everynight  that he would come the next day. Piper will talk to him & try & talk him into being born. It's so sweet. One thing Piper prays for every night is her brother.
For the most part I feel okay. I have my moments though.
I have gained 27 lbs.
Beau is so sweet. He keeps telling me that he can't believe I am about to deliver a baby. That I look great for as far along as I am. I needed that! 
I can tell you this being pregnant this long is for the birds. I am 15 days farther than I got with Piper. 
Come out baby boy!!!
At my apt. (9-18-12) I was almost 4 cm dilated & very thinned. Dr. couldn't believe I wasn't hurting. He thinks my labor will go fast.  He is going out of town tomorrow afternoon so if baby hasn't come I will be induced. :) We can't wait!!

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