Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One week old

My sweet boy is one week old today. This one week has just flown. I really wish he would stay this size for a long time. I love it!!
~So far Paxton is a great baby.
~We have a little routine at night. He has been waking up two times. I feed him while I pump, then I change his diaper. Then he goes right back to sleep. (wonderful baby)
~He LOVES to be talked to. He will sit there with his eyes open & just listen to you. It is so sweet!
~When he was first born I would lay him on my chest. He seemed so content. I think it reminded him of being in my belly.
~We like to take naps with him on my chest. My favorite times with him!
~He always has his hands by his face. I have to keep mittens on him because he scratches himself.
~When he is waking up he will grunt, wiggle, & make noise for a while before he is ready to get up.
~He is a little snuggle bug. I just can't get enough of him!
~I can't figure out who he looks like. Some people say he looks just like Beau. A few people have said he looks like Piper. I don't think he looks like Piper as a baby. I think he has my nose.
~He has big hands & long skinny feet.
~He loves being swaddled.


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