Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bulldog football to thunderstorm to a rash to pro-med

Well, we started the night going to the Greenwood/Alma football game. 
Piper says "Go Bullodogs!"
They had a mandatory evacuation b/c of weather.
We left with the intentions of coming back.

 While we were at the game we noticed some spots on Piper & they spread with in an hour. They looked like big welps. We decided to take her to pro-med. On the way there Piper said she was nervous. I told her that Jesus didn't want us to be so we prayed. The day before she had talked about how she wanted to see a rainbow. After we prayed Piper looked over & saw this rainbow. I just smiled. God is good like that!
 The only thing different Piper had that night was some grape crush to drink. The Dr. thinks she is allergic to the dyes in it. They gave her some zyrtec & she is on a steroid for 5 days. They kept us a little bit to monitor her breathing. We were so glad we went in. 
This is just part of the rash. My poor baby.
Beau & I were so proud of how big she acted. She talked so big to the dr. & didn't scratch even though it was itching.  After researching the dyes & allergies we've learned that Piper has had most of them & had them quite a bit. We really don't know what it is or what we need to do. 

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