Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekend with mimi, Wayne, & Michael

This last weekend mom, Wayne & Michael come to see us...
We had some poppers left so Michael & uncle Beau popped them.
This is what Piper thought about them. Poor girl. I think she must have sensitive ears.
Glow sticks!
And, we did some sparklers we had left from the 4th.

Ate snocones!

Went swimming.
Michael became a little fish over the summer :)
Piper still doesn't like to go under but she is getting better. She did go under a few times. She would jump off the stairs & go under.
He loved uncle Beau throwing him!

They fixed mimi's hair.
 Wrestling cousins. A few seconds before this she was trying to hold him down & put lip gloss on him.
We also got my extra bathroom tiled. Another post about that one. 

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