Thursday, August 16, 2012

My last "work" post....

Some of these pictures are from May. YIKES!
Here is sweet little Landon.

 Piper doing some school work.
 Landon doing some coloring.
 Landon, Piper, & Jasper outside.
 In May I had to say goodbye to Landon. His mom is a teacher & I knew I wasn't keeping kids in the fall. With Piper going to school part time & me having the baby in Sept. we decided I would quit for a while.
We love him so much & we still miss him!
One day Jasper & Piper were acting like they were getting married. lol!
Myles is such a sweetie!
Piper LOVES to paint. She does it almost everyday. She decided to paint some shapes. 
 Trying to get back in to school work. We were a little lazy with it this summer.
I am now officially unemployed. I have been babysitting for 4 1/2 years. Nervous to not have the little bit of extra money coming in but trusting in the Lord. 
Sad to see my kiddos go. :( It's been great & I was so thankful to get to keep them.


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