Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fair & Carnival 2012

Piper has been asking for 2 months to go to the carnival. She just couldn't wait.
Ann R. let Piper feed her baby calf. Piper was so excited! 

She would ask all the animals "hey, are you makin' all that noise."
Piper giving Ellery a hug :) They are so sweet!
Beau & I LOVE seeing Piper laugh on the rides. It is so sweet. 
She rode the teddy bears that spin around & I was a little worried. She was on there with a little boy who spun it fast but she laughed so hard. 

Piper was scared at first to go on this one. Once she went through it she wouldn't stop. She LOVES this now!! She would get to the top & yell & wave at us.
Piper, Joslyn & Keeta on the roller coaster. Piper loved this & rode it several times. 
Another friend... Drew :)
Feeding animals in the petting zoo.
We thought these Alpaca's were funny!

Great night!
Then we went to the parade the next day. 


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