Monday, August 20, 2012

Daddy daughter date night- Luau at FBC

Beau & Piper were both so excited to go on their date at the church. I am so glad the church does that.
 Piper LOVED drinking out of these coconuts.
 How cute is this table.
 Beau ended up sitting at a table with the Edge band members. They called him a "groupie".

 They played limbo. Piper loved it. She had so much fun with this. Beau said when he did it that Piper was so cute cheering for him.
I am so thankful Piper has a dad like Beau. I was not blessed with a good, loving dad. I am so glad I didn't marry a man like my dad. Most girls do that. Beau is amazing! So glad you two got to have this time together!!

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