Friday, July 13, 2012


It is one HOT summer!! Especially being pregnant!!!
We are making the best of it & having fun!!!
Doing some swimming.

So sweet! Piper loves her ponies & her daddy!
Baking cookies with momma!
At the park....
We went to the drive-in to watch Madagascar 3 (which Piper loved). 
The second movie was Snow White & the Huntsman. I kept having Piper turn her head & she went to sleep.  I was SO glad b/c it was scary.
She is such a poser & she loves running around in just her panties.
She has insisted on sleeping in just her panties too.
Beau won an award this year. He had the most in bulk adds out of everyone. I was proud of him! He is a good, hard worker.

Having fun at the lake with the Brown's.
Feeding leaves to the deer.
Shopping at Old Navy. Piper was hanging out with her dad & these are the pictures he had on his phone. LOL!
She told me she had a baby in her belly.
Snowcones with mimi.
Beau had her one day & he took pictures of her being a "rockstar".
We finally tried Cherry Berry. Good stuff!
We went with the Green's to see "BRAVE".  Great movie!!!
Picnic with the ponies.
We are havin' a great summer! Now it's off to vacation!!! 

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