Monday, July 9, 2012

Piper sayings.

Here is some funny, sweet little things that Piper has said that I don't want to forget.

April 30th I said, "Piper your daddy is good lookin isn't he?" She said, "ya like a good lookin french dude." We laughed so hard. How does she come up with that?

May 9th Piper got in trouble. You could tell she felt bad. She went to her bedroom for a minute then came back out. She told me she prayed about what she did. I wish I could have heard that sweet prayer.

May 12th after Piper's dance recital me, Beau, & mom kept telling Piper how good she did & how proud we were of her. She said "if ya'll keep saying that over & over I am just going to have to keep kissing ya'll."

May 13th Beau, mom, Piper, & I were at the walking trail in Antlers & Piper was playing on the exercise equipment. We asked if she wanted to come with us she said "no, I don't know ya'll." "What's ya'lls names?"

May 16th we were in Wal-Mart & Piper was pointing out food & making up spanish words for them. It was so funny. She makes up words sometimes & she will tell you what it means.

One day after church on Wed night Piper asked if we had time to watch Dancing with the Stars, Cupcake Wars, or basketball.

The day I was coming home from church camp Piper called & asked if she could stay one more night at mimi's b/c the Fresh Beat Band was featuring Yo Gabba Gabba & she didn't want to miss the show. She told me that since I missed her so much that I could just come to mimi's that night. I told her I missed her daddy too. She said she was gonna see if he could come too. He had to work though. She had the whole conversation planned out. As much as I wanted her to come home we let her stay.

June 24th after church on Sunday we ate at Mazzio's for lunch. Piper LOVES the cinnamon sticks there. After she ate them Beau said "Piper those cinnamon sticks are the best aren't they?" She said "no, Jesus is."  I hope she always knows that!


  1. She is so funny! I love that she went in her room and prayed about it...sweet girl!

  2. LOVE that last comment. I already pray for our babies (someday) that I can show them how to love Jesus. That is too precious!