Monday, July 2, 2012

Paxton's baby shower

Yesterday my family threw me a baby shower for Paxton. I was so excited!
I got lots of good things, but mostly diapers & clothes.
We played a game where everyone had to cut off a piece of string & guess how big my belly was. My sister Kayla won that.
We also played a game where everyone had a baby clothespin & if someone caught you saying the word "baby" they could take your clothespin. My cousin Ashley won that one.

Here is all the stuff he got! I feel so blessed! Now I am ready for my boy to get here!
I am so thankful for my wonderful family.


  1. That is awesome!! How exciting! :)

  2. How awesome!! I love all the pictures!! I am so excited for you guys!! Can't wait to see the little toot!! And you are looking great as always!!

  3. You hit the jackpot!! Love that diaper bag!