Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oregon- Random pictures

Here was the beach house we stayed in.
 Piper loved getting up in the mornings & feeding "Seag" the seagull. She named him that & she called all the seagulls her friends. It was so cute. Everytime she would see some she would say "there's my friends."

We went to an outlet mall & Beau had Piper scared to ride this bull. She said when she was done that he was nice to her because she is a girl!
 Ate lunch with this view one day!
 Piper got a giant pancake.
 We played lots of games at the house. Every night the adults played Phase 10. 
A gift shop that was on a cliff.

 I could just watch this water for hours!!

 Pete & Kathleen! They are wonderful!!
 We would walk down to the beach some nights & just walk. We love it.


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