Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oregon- Minor league baseball

We went to a minor league baseball game in Salem one night. 
 Kathleen being fun & rolling down the hill :) Love it!
 Piper rolling!
 Kathleen, Piper & her two grandsons rolling....lol!
 Pete & Beau
 Beau had these 3 young boys selling cotton candy come & sing "my girl" to Piper. They did a great job but she was not interested. She wanted some cotton candy!

 Piper wanted to take a picture.

Fun night! Who won the game by the way?????



  1. great pictures! looks like ya'll had a wonderful trip!!! im jealous to see you all wearing jackets!! ;)

  2. The weather was FANTASTIC! It was a rude awakening coming back home to the humidity!