Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oregon- lighthouse & beautiful view!

We made our way to the coast!
We got to see our very first lighthouse on this trip. It just made my day! I have a new LOVE for lighthouses. Beau & Pete went up it but we sat this one out.
 Piper checking out the sites.
It was a little foggy this day.

I looked down & spotted these seals. I am in love!!
 The Devil's punch bowl. This is beautiful. When the waves are right water will come in & come out of the top!
This is where we ate at Mo's. They are famous for their clam chowder but I had their chili.... FANTASTIC!

See the little squirrel type thing in the picture. Piper was chasing it.
The Oregon coast is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!
We just love that ocean!

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